Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Management Objectives

BizLink applies a "Plan-Do-Check-Act" model to continuously improve social responsibility performance through continuous communication with stakeholders and invites them to participate in many of our activities. Our objectives for managing stakeholder concerns are as follows:

  • Fully understand stakeholders’ concerns and continue to improve CSR-related performance.
  • Obtain stakeholders’ trust and respect for BizLink.
  • Disclose BizLink’s efforts and performance to maintain and enhance BizLink’s reputation.

Stakeholder Management Procedure

BizLink’s stakeholder management procedure is divided into four stages: identification, analysis, plan, and engagement. 

Stakeholder Identification

BizLink defines stakeholders as the internal or external persons or organizations which can influence BizLink or be influenced by BizLink. According to this definition, we have identified that BizLink’s stakeholders include employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors, government, communities and nongovernmental/non-profit organizations.

Analysis of Stakeholders’ Topics of Concern

After identifying our stakeholders, we establish individual communication channels with each of them according to their influence and issues of concern. We communicate with stakeholders through multiple channels established by CSR-related units, and compile their economic, social and environmental concerns, and also consult the GRI Standard sustainability reporting guidelines. We have identified topics of stakeholder concern, and have analyzed and prioritized them according to their level of concern and potential impact on the Company for inclusion into key annual projects.

Stakeholder-Related Projects

BizLink’s CSR-related units incorporate the results of the analyses described above into their daily work, annual plans, or cross-functional projects as a key reference for the Company’s sustainable development strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement and Measurement

BizLink and its stakeholders have differing levels of interactions according to priority so as to use company’s resource efficiently and to create win-win relationships.

Stakeholder Contacts

  • Global Offices Contacts
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  • Investor Relations & Media Contacts
Mike Wang / Investor Relations Manager Email: Tel: +886-2-82261000#2663
  • ESG (environmental, social and governance) Issues and Business Conduct Reporting Mailbox


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