Interconnect Solution Supplier

BizLink is the most vertically integrated interconnect solution supplier with in-house manufacturing for key components, cables, wires, harnesses, connectors, etc. These facilities, located in America, Europe and Asia, work closely with each other to provide customer service tailored to fit customers' specific needs. We take full advantage of powerful local labor resources and all of our factories are ISO certified.

BizLink Harness Production Lines

Harness Production Line

Full Automated Cut/Strip/Crimp Machine

Automated Production Line

Automated Production Line

automatic wire harness manufacturing

Automated Manufacturing of Wire Harnesses

Fully Automated Production of Cord Sets

Full Automated Production of Cord Sets





California, USA BizLink Technology, Inc. ISO 9001 IATF 16949
Michigan, USA BizLink Robotic Solutions USA, Inc.  ISO 9001
Texas, USA BizLink Tech, Inc. ISO 9001  IATF 16949 
Ontario, Canada BizLink elocab Ltd. ISO 9001
Juarez, Mexico Productos Excel de México, S. de R.L. DE C.V. IATF16949 
Foshan, China Nanhai Jo Yeh Electronic Co., Ltd. ISO 14001  IATF 16949
Guangdong, China BizConn International Corp. ISO 9001  IATF 16949  ISO 14001  
IECQ QC080000  ISO 45001
Guangdong, China Tong Ying Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ISO 9001  ISO 14001  IATF 16949  ISO 13485  TUV  S-JET
Guangdong, China Xiang Yao Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ISO 9001  ISO 14001  IATF 16949  ISO 13485  ISO 17025  IECQ QC080000  ISO 45001  Sony GP
Jiangsu, China BizLink Technology (Changzhou) Ltd. ISO 9001  ISO 14001  
Jiangsu, China BizLink Special Cables (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. ISO 9001 (Taihu plant)  ISO 9001 (Qinling plant)  ISO 14001 (Taihu plant)  ISO 14001 (Qinling plant)  ISO/TS 22163
Jiangsu, China BizLink (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. ISO 9001  IATF 16949  ISO 14001  
ISO 13485  IECQ QC080000  ISO 45001  Sony GP 
Jiangsu, China OptiWorks ( Kunshan ) Co., Ltd. ISO 9001/TL9000  ISO 14001  ISO 45001
Xiamen, China BizLink Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. ISO 9001  ISO 14001  ISO 45001  
Xiamen, China BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd. ISO 9001  ISO 14001  
Penang, Malaysia BizLink Technology (S.E.A.) Sdn. Bhd. Plant 1: ISO 9001  ISO 45001  ISO 14001  ISO 13485  IATF 16949  AS 9100  Nadcap
Plant 2: ISO 9001  IATF 16949  ISO 14001
Johor, Malaysia SIS Speedy Industrial Supplies Sdn. Bhd. ISO 9001 
Kallang, Singapore BizLink Speedy Pte. Ltd. ISO 9001  
New Taipei City, Taiwan BizLink International Corp. TIPS  
Tainan, Taiwan BizLink International Corp. ISO 9001  
Friesoythe, Germany BizLink Special Cables Germany GmbH ISO 9001  ISO 14001 ISO 9100  ISO50001
Georgensgmuend, Germany BizLink elocab GmbH (Obere Lerch 34) ISO 9001 ISO 13485 
Georgensgmuend, Germany BizLink elocab GmbH (Breitenloher Weg 10) ISO 9001  
Hannover, Germany BizLink Robotic Solutions Germany GmbH  ISO 9001  
Roth, Germany BizLink Industry Germany GmbH ISO 9001  ISO 14001
Schmalkalden, Germany BizLink Robotic Solutions Germany GmbH  ISO 9001  
Gellainville, France BizLink Robotic Solutions France S.A.S.  ISO 9001  ISO13485
Stříbro, Czech Republic Stříbro, Czech Republic ISO 9001  
Monticelli D'Ongina, Italy BizLink Silitherm s.r.l. ISO 9001  ISO 14001
Ilava, Slovakia  BizLink Industry Slovakia Spol. s.r.o.  ISO 9001  ISO 14001
Jaklovce, Slovakia  BizLink Industry Slovakia Spol. s.r.o.  ISO 9001  
Stará Turá, Slovakia  BizLink Industry Slovakia Spol. s.r.o.  ISO 9001  ISO 14001
Trencianska Tepla, Slovakia BizLink Technology (Slovakia) s.r.o. ISO 9001  ISO 14001  
Prokuplje, Serbia BizLink Technology SRB d.o.o. ISO 9001  ISO 14001  ISO 45001  
Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain BizLink Systems Spain, S.L.U. ISO 9001  





Jiangsu, China BizLink Technology (Changzhou) Ltd. Sales GTC  Purchase GTC
Xiamen, China BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd. Sales GTC  Purchase GTC
Trencianska Tepla, Slovakia BizLink Technology (Slovakia) s.r.o. Sales GTC  Purchase GTC
Prokuplje, Serbia BizLink Technology SRB d.o.o. Sales GTC  Purchase GTC
Hasselt, Belgium BizLink Technology (Belgium) N.V. Sales GTC

JIT Manufacturing Process

We implement the Just-in-Time manufacturing process to eliminate manufacturing waste, reduce warehousing costs, and help customers be more efficient and competitive in the supply chain management by producing the right part in the right place at the right time. Each of our factories in U.S., Europe, China, Malaysia and Mexico incorporate the Just-in-Time practices to support customers in the dynamic manufacturing environment. We provide our customers with daily inventory reports for global sites, weekly status reports for complete supply overview, variance reports, streamlined production and scheduling processes, and Just-in-Time warehouse management.

​Supplier Product Assurance Requirements (SPAR)

This SPAR document establishes Supplier Product and/or Service Quality Assurance Requirements. Please click here for more details.

Global Logistics

Logistics plays a crucial role in the successful supply chain management and the delivering process. We provide multiple warehouses, pool points, and other distribution facilities worldwide. We also offer EDI capabilities for electronic inventory management and the programs of VMI and SMI to ensure on-time shipments.

There are substantial warehouse facilities for our factories in China (Shenzhen, Kunshan, and Xiamen), Malaysia (Penang) and Mexico (Juarez). Our companies in Ireland (Dublin), Malaysia (Penang), and Brazil (Porto Allegro) provide our customers logistics support.

Manufacturer Responsibility


Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Policy

The purpose of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA, formerly Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) is to ensure that working conditions in the electronics industry supply chain are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity, and business operations are environmentally responsible. The RBA consists of standards on labor, health and safety, the environment, and elements of an acceptable system to manage conformity to the RBA, and the standards relating to business ethics. We shall follow the RBA by working together with suppliers in system management and procedure. Please refer to the official RBA website for further information.

Statement on Conflict Minerals

BizLink supports the goals and objectives of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which aims to prevent the use of conflict minerals that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or an adjoining country as defined in the Act (Conflict Region). Conflict minerals include: columbite-tantalite (coltan) (i.e., tantalum), cassiterite (i.e., tin), gold, wolframite (i.e., tungsten) or their derivatives and could expand to include any other mineral or their derivative determined by the U.S. Secretary of State to be financing the DRC conflict. The Act requires companies to perform due diligence with respect to the sourcing of conflict minerals and to file annual reports relating to use of conflict minerals. To meet the obligations, BizLink is implementing a comprehensive due-diligence process. BizLink's suppliers, including contractors and external manufacturers, are required to comply with BizLink's Supplier Code of Conduct.

Environmental Standards

BizLink has cooperated with several world famous companies on the control of dangerous matters related to environmental protection technology. We established BizLink Environment Technical Standards to accord with related laws and rules, including ROHS 2.0, in order to produce high-quality products. BizLink Environmental Protection Policy:

- Stop and prevent environment pollution
- Implement the requirements of environmental protect laws
- Devote ourselves to protect the environment

BizLink Environment Technical Standards (English)
BizLink Environment Technical Standards (Simplified Chinese)