BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Our very first products were IT industry power cord sets. By developing reliable interconnect solutions for diversified customers, BizLink established itself as a trusted supplier. Since then, BizLink has become more diverse by providing essential components, harnesses and cables to industries such as IT and CE, Motor Vehicle, Electrical Appliances, Medical Equipment, Industrial, Optical Fiber Communications, and Solar. Our mission is to make interconnection easier and to become the reliable interconnect solution provider.

We support industries that are environmentally conscious and improve quality of life through innovative products and services. As a tier-one interconnect solution company, BizLink has state-of-the-art facilities, advanced manufacturing processes, and professional research and development capabilities. Our vertically integrated business model includes manufacturing sites in the United States, Mexico, Slovakia, Serbia, China and Malaysia for seamless integration into our customers' supply chains. We strive to provide attentive and responsive customer support to each customer's unique situation. Our global engineering and service teams in America, Europe, and Asia collaborate closely with customers to turn their innovative designs into reality.

Connections can rapidly change the world. At BizLink, we'll keep developing cutting edge interconnect solutions for customers.