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Leading global interconnect solutions provider, BizLink

Achieving Sustainable Growth Through Resource Integration:

BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, USA. Our very first products were cable assembly and power cord sets for the IT industry. BizLink continues to strategically invest in future talent to research and develop new technological capabilities for emerging applications, closely work with target customers and key suppliers, and increase long-term market share and geographic exposure. We combine the competitive advantages from our various businesses in order to provide a one-stop solutions service across different regions in order to capture more opportunities, and to grow with our customers. We continue to increase our global footprint, including in those in Asia, North America, and in Europe in response to customers’ future growth plans. In 2023, we developed our "4x4 Strategy“ plan, hoping to use our four Strategic Industries of the Future, namely New Energy Transportation (Electric Vehicles), DataCenter/IT (High-Performance Computing), Industrial, and high-value Electrical Appliance, across our four major regions, which are North America, Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, for long-term growth. BizLink is a diversified global company, covering multiple regions, end-markets, and applications, and we look forward to having you join our journey forward.

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Holding High Ethical Standards Worldwide:

We strive to nurture and sustain a strong global culture of “corporate sustainability” through our 5 core values of “integrity”, “customer orientation”, “teamwork”, “environment protection”, and "innovation". We insist on being a global citizen and fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities while pursuing revenues and profits to ensure these efforts can continue for the longer-term benefit of the societies in which we have offices and production sites. We also seek to influence our supply chain partners to follow our example whenever possible. We ranked within the Top-5% of TWSE’s 2022 Corporate Governance evaluation and have improved within Newsweek’s Social category over the past few years, and target to keep a track record of excellence worldwide.


Being the Interconnect Sustainability Leader:

We aim to reduce our GHG emissions intensity by -50% from 2022 to 2030 after reaching our -42% target from 2020 to 2030 last year, and to be Net Zero by 2050. We strive to create an optimal working environment for our global teams, and so we aim for a Zero Accidents workplace. Finally, we will continue to increase our usage of renewables to complement our energy needs. These initiatives and more are our way to ensure that we make a positive mark on the world, leading to our Low-Risk rating from Sustainalytics for the past few years as well as sustained improvements within Newsweek’s Environmental category as well as in CDP’s Climate Change category despite our continued expansion. Our charitable efforts will also continue as we seek to give back to society in the areas that we feel make the most impact, such as for hospitals, childcare, humanitarian aid, and for education.

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Company Name BizLink Holding Inc.
Code 3665
Market Listed Company
Industry Other Electronic
Principal Activities The research and development, design, manufacturing, sales of products and components for diverse tech industries including information technology, consumer electronics, cables and harnesses for EV battery management system, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, optical communication devices, photovoltaic interconnect products, and industrial equipment.
Date of Establishment 1996
Date of Listing 2011/4/21
Paid-in Capital NTD 1,633 million
Contact Address 3F., No.186, Jian 1st Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City. Taiwan 23553
Number of Employees Around 14,000 (As of Jan. 2024)
Stock Transfer Agent CTBC Bank, Agency Department
Accounting Firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (TW)
Telephone +886-2-82261000
Fax +882-2-82262583
Email Address
Web Address


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