We deliver supreme performance together with easy-to-use features to help customers to achieve low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity).

Sunbolts is the brand of BizLink's solar energy connectivity solutions, started as part of BizLink's long term corporate goal to be a part of the global movement for new clean energy. Sunbolts main activity is located in BizLink's headquarters in Fremont California where the development of its products are controlled. Being a part of BizLink, Sunbolts has the advantage of using BizLink's long experience and expertise in connector and cable assembly industries. Sunbolts has now released a complete series of innovative interconnect solutions for Photovoltaic Modules and more solutions are on the way.
Our connectors are very rugged and can withstand harsh weather as well as tough utilization. They have a robust snap in and lock function that prevent them from disconnecting under load, all in compliance with current safety guide lines. The tools for crimping terminal and assembling connector are available for field installation.