S418 Connectors


The S418 connector features rated voltage of DC 1500 V, chooses high quality plastic resin and meets IP68 to withstand harsh weather conditions and tough operating environments.


  • Users can save labor time and costs, reduce the risk of poor workmanship, and lowering the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for their solar systems.
  • The S418 connector series supports the cable range 2.5-16sq-mm for IEC and 14-6AWG for UL.
  • With higher voltage, higher current, and suitable for wider cable OD range, the TUV/UL 1500V/1000V connector series provides an optimal solution for customers to achieve "Balance of System."
Our connectors are very rugged and can withstand harsh weather as well as tough utilization. They have a robust snap in and lock function that prevent them from disconnecting under load, all in compliance with current safety guide lines. The tools for crimping terminal and assembling connector are available for field installation.