S417 Fuse Cable


BizLink S417 Fuse Cable is designed with an IP68 sealed molding enclosure which reduces internal impedance thus saving on power loss and increasing the overall system efficiency to allow for operation under high temperatures. It can withstand rainstorms, floods, or salt pollution at sea level and enable lower LCOE, thereby offering a good solution for solar industry sustainable development. The 1500V 30A advanced fuse cable features with a max. 75℃ operating temperature whereas others can only support an ambient temperature of 50℃. It is at the forefront of solar module string design and all solar specifications. As solar equipment is prone to overheating and damage, the S417 fuse cable helps protect against equipment or modular failure, lightning strikes, or any other natural disasters. This reduces the risk of inappropriate wire installation and saves on time and cost needed for setup.

Sunbolts' DC Branch Cable Series is designed to simplify in-field module installations involving parallel-series configurations. Our low-resistant, IP68 branch cables take the labor out of stripping and crimping associated with making branch connections, reducing your labor cost and improving your worksmanship. Our DC Branch Cables come in 2 options: standard type and fuse type. With extensive customization covering all the branch connections you might need during the installations.