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February 26, 2021
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BizLink Holding Inc, Ventec International and Footprintku Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

Leading interconnect solutions provider, BizLink Holding Inc., announces that it has entered into a global strategic alliance with major substrate material manufacturer Ventec International and Footprintku Inc., an online EDA library and digital transformation services provider for electronic components. This alliance is formed to provide a solution that boosts product development process efficiency, and shortens development and time-to-market.

BizLink has long been a supplier of key components to the IT industry, including connectors and cables. The company is experienced in new product introduction (NPI) as well as in system integration, manufacturing, and in assembly. BizLink’s Chairman, Roger Liang, said, “For the design of electronic products, the trend is for thinner, lighter, and aesthetically pleasing products whilst maintaining functionality and compatibility. This has prompted the demand for rapid and frequent updates of components and product styles. The ability to quickly develop products to respond to market changes has become the key to success.” 

Ventec International’s Chairman, Tony Lau, pointed out, “What the market needs is a platform that integrates the advantages of upstream components, mid-section design, and back-end manufacturing. The creation of such a platform, we knew, would greatly help accelerate industrial innovation.” Footprintku Inc.’s Chairman, Hwang Yi-Chien, continued, “In response, we proposed a cloud platform using the exclusive AI and digital transformation technology of Footprintku.com to integrate the resources of all three companies. The result is a one-stop service, making it possible for product developers to quickly and efficiently find the best components and quality suppliers for their product R&D and design change stages.” 

This alliance is built upon Footprintku’s cloud database for electronic components as well as BizLink’s solutions and Ventec International’s materials. It integrates the capabilities of new product introduction (NPI), design services (ODM), and manufacturing assembly (EMS). This alliance will reduce the cost of and time in searching for electronic components for product developers. Furthermore, it will accelerate product evolution and facilitate industrial innovation by connecting together highly flexible and customized electronic industry supply chain partners. 

Below is a brief introduction of the members of this alliance: 

BizLink (TWSE: 3665): Vertically-integrated interconnect solutions provider with production in multiple countries for seamless integration into our global customers’ supply chains. 

BizLink is a global leader in the provision of interconnect solutions for the information technology, data center, automotive, electric appliance, medical, photovoltaic, industrial, semiconductor, and optoelectronic communication industries. It has 17 manufacturing bases, and certified laboratories. BizLink offers its own-brand interconnects, wiring harnesses, circuit board assemblies (PCBA), and other key component design and manufacturing capabilities. It also provides new product engineering and rapid prototyping for new product introduction (NPI) as well as customized system integration and industrial machine assembly. In addition, BizLink provides a one-stop service for the seamless transfer of mass production to multiple locations around the world. 

Ventec International Group Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 6672): Substrate material applications across multiple high-end upstream domains. 

Ventec International is a globally influential leader in advanced copper clad glass reinforced and metal backed substrate materials. The company’s fully controlled and managed global supply chain is supported by a seamless sales- and technical support-network across Asia, Europe (EMEA) and the United States. Ventec has long-term involvement in product research and development in key industries, such as defense, aerospace, industrial, artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT, medical, automotive electronics, etc. With its unique Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) chemical formula and advanced resin impregnation technology, Ventec offers a full range of substrate material products used in high-frequency and high-speed applications such as radars, antennas, base stations, servers, switches, and high-end mobile phones. The company’s heat-dissipating metal substrate material (IMS) is also second to none in the world. Ventec is a certified supplier of headlights and electric vehicle heat-dissipating materials for first-line brand car manufacturers. All materials are manufactured by Ventec using strict quality-controlled processes that are certified to AS9100D, IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. 

Footprintku: An AI-based digital transformation platform for designing components on demand.

Footprintku provides comprehensive component data for electronic product design.  Customized digital library services are offered on-demand by applying AI and automated digital transformation technologies. Footprintku unifies development with the supply chain to create a better future for the electronics industry. 

Press Contact
Tom Huang, Public Relations Senior Manager
+886 2 8226 1000 #2662

Jason Yin, Public Relations Deputy Manager
+886 2 8226 1000 #2565
Issued by BizLink Holding Inc. (3665.TT), Ventec International (6672.TT) and Footprintku Inc.