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December 06, 2019
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BizLink Holding Inc. named to Newsweek’s 2020 list of America's Most Responsible Companies

Leading global interconnect solutions provider, BizLink Holding Inc., is honored to be named to Newsweek’s 2020 list of America’s Most Responsible Companies. This is Newsweek’s inaugural ranking, and recognizes BizLink’s exemplary ESG initiatives.

Newsweek, in a partnership with Statista, begun with a pool of over 2,000 companies spanning 14 different industries and headquartered in the United States. This pool was then filtered down to the top 300 performing companies by using publicly disclosed data from CSR reports, Sustainability Reports, and Corporate Citizenship Reports as well as from an independent online survey of 6,500 US citizens on their perceptions of companies’ CSR efforts. Companies were scored along Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance dimensions, and then received a final CSR score.

BizLink placed #149 overall, and #37 in Corporate Governance among the top 300 ranked companies. BizLink also came in at #10 in the Capital Goods industry.

BizLink Chairman, Roger Liang, happily expressed the following: “Corporate sustainability is a global trend that brings opportunities and challenges. As a global company, the BizLink team will continuously improve itself, and corporate sustainability is one of our key prerequisites for corporate development. We are deeply honored that our efforts have been seen and recognized by the international community.”

BizLink’s ESG initiatives include increasing the scope of our CSR reporting each year and being certified by a globally accredited institution, enhanced CDP reporting, and maintaining high Corporate Governance standards. BizLink will continue to strive towards building a better future for all. Inclusion into this ranking only solidifies our resolve towards greater sustainability.

BizLink sincerely thanks Newsweek and Statista for initiating this CSR ranking and all our fellow US citizens that took part in the survey.

The ranked list is live on the Newsweek website and will also be published in today's print edition of Newsweek Magazine.
Issued by BizLink Holding Inc. (TWSE Code: 3665)