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Message from the Management

BizLink has communicated its endeavors and achievements toward sustainability in the economy, the environment, and in society through its CSR report since 2017. We believe that in order to achieve sustainable development while growing our core business, we must also do right by the environment, fulfill our corporate social responsibilities as well as engage in effective communication with our stakeholders.

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Corporate Commitment and Stakeholder Dialogue

Effective engagement with stakeholders is the important foundation of corporate sustainability, BizLink commit the common development in economic, environmental and social responsibilities.

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Corporate Development

BizLink emphasize information transparency and corporate governance in order to constantly improve management performance as well as guarantee the rights of the investors and other stakeholders.

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Green Products and Value Chain

As a responsible purchaser, BizLink focus on supply chain management and take environment-friendly as the premise to product design and production plan to provide products needed by our customers.

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BizLink and the Environment

BizLink aware of its duty on environmental protection, therefore we develop a comprehensive green policy and strategy, focus on the climate change trend and responses, monitor GHG emissions, raw material usage, water efficiency and implement environmental risk control; therefore achieve the goals of environmental sustainability.
BizLink has a long-term GHG reduction goal of reducing our 2017 emissions density by 10% by 2025.

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BizLink and Employees

Employees are BizLink's most important partner. We focus on employee's development and welfare, establish diversify internal communication channels, and implementing staff relations program to provide safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

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BizLink and Society

By upholding the principle of “Give back what you take from society,” BizLink has materialized our benevolence and affection in the form of tangible actions so that we can embrace the society, fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and contribute towards a brighter future.

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ESG Summary 2017-2020

  This ESG Summary provides an overview of our goals, the measures we have taken so far, and our key results across the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance aspects of our global business from 2017 to 2020.


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