The OptiWorks AWG device uses a thermal arrayed waveguide grating module based on planar waveguide optical path (PLC) grating technology on a silicon substrate. The key modules have a unique package design, low heat transfer and precise operating temperature control for precise channel access. Coupling, low insertion loss, high channel isolation and high stability. High stability, dual power supply hot swappable; perfect indicator status; powerful network management function, support SNMP, Web, telnet network management, GUI-based graphical network management, friendly man-machine interface.


  • Wide Wavelength Range
  • Large Channel Number
  • Compact Size
  • High Stability and Reliability
  • Low Insertion Loss, High Isolation Increase System Margin
OptiWorks provides a wide range of single-mode and multimode fused couplers, single-mode fused WDM components, and PLC splitters. The single-mode components are primarily used in backbone optical networks while the multimode components are deployed mainly in local area networks, storage networks, and other access points. The PLC splitters are available in a variety of packaging options and can be customized. At Optiworks, we have tailored these products into different families in order to deliver the best performance and value to our customers.