DC Busbar Connector - BzKlip300


BzKlip300 is especially designed for power distribution of data center servers, hyperscale computing architectures, modular power supplies, rack-mounted high-power systems, and industrial applications.


  • Featured with low contact resistance, gold plating, and high conductivity to secure high reliability and system efficiency in high-current applications
  • Support single-pole DC applications with rated currents up to 300A
  • Mated with specified copper blades for easy assembly and maintenance
  • Designed with screw-mounted fixation and high temperature thermoplastic housing
  • Design for server powershelf 12/48V DC output, special for Open Rack V2/V3 or customized projects
  • Rated Voltage: Max. 600V/ General 12 Vdc
  • Rated Current: Max. 300A/ General 250 A
  • Mating Busbar: 3.0/3.18 mm
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃ ~ +125℃ (including ambient and temperature rising)