ISO 6722/ MIL-W-16878 Automotive Wires


  • ISO6722: Rated temperature -40℃~105℃; rated voltage 60V; conductor with stranded copper; insulation with XLPE; dimensions: customization for outside cable diameters, insulation thickness, and conductor diameters; electrical characteristics: conductor resistance, withstand voltage, insulation faults, insulation volume resistivity; mechanical characteristics: pressure test at high-temperature, strip force; low-temperature characteristics: winding; impact resistance to abrasion: sandpaper abrasion, scrape abrasion; heat ageing: short-term ageing, 240 hrs, thermal overload, shrinkage by heat; resistance to chemicals: fluid compatibility, durability of cable marking, resistance to ozone, resistance to hot water; passed the temperature and humidity cycling environmental testing; passed RoHS 2.0; reference standard ISO6722
  • MIL-W-16878: Rated temperature -40℃~105℃; rated voltage 600V; conductor with stranded copper; insulation with PVC; flame test VW-1; environmental testing passes RoHS 2.0; reference standard MIL-W-16878/1