USB 3.1 Cables


BizLink's vertically integrated supply chain allows us to lower costs, maintain agility, stay in control of quality, and most importantly, provide our customers with customized solutions and products. Of these, we pride ourselves in offering premium products that have been thoroughly researched and rigorously tested.
At BizLink, our talented R&D scientists and manufacturing teams have worked hard so that we stay ahead of the competition, upgrading the necessary infrastructure and technological knowhow to produce USB 3.1 products, the next generation of interconnectivity.

We are pleased to bring to market Shielded Differential Pair (SDP) cables compatible with USB 3.1's technical requirements. These cables are optimized for high-end product applications and can be tailored to the specific requirements of customers.


  • SDP (Shielded Differential Pair)
  • Braid Shield
  • High Quality Rubber Jacket
  • Compatible with USB generations 2.0 up to USB 3.1
  • Variable Cable Lengths Dependent on Customers' Requests
  • Current Rating 3A~5A
  • Competitive Prices with Comparable Stiffness
  • Small Outer Dimensions (Suitable for USB 3.1's Slimmer Plug)