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January 21, 2022
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BizLink Holding Inc. Completes Share Transfer to Acquire LEONI’s Industrial Solutions Business Group

TAIPEI, January 20, 2022 – BizLink Holding Inc. (TWSE code: 3665) (“BizLink”) announced today it has completed the share transfer to acquire the LEONI Industrial Solutions business group (“INBG”) from LEONI AG (Xetra code: LEO) (“LEONI”) for an enterprise value of €451 million. INBGs’ financials will be consolidated into BizLink’s from January 21, 2022. This deal is expected to be immediately accretive to earnings.

INBG’s FY20 audited sales was €431.6 million, gross profit was €107.3 million, and operating profit was €29.1 million. INBG’s FY21 unaudited sales is estimated to rise to over €500 million. INBG has over 3,000 employees and 15 production sites. INBG is a technical standard-setter and is a market leader across a number of end-markets given their long-term focus on in-house materials and technology research and development to meet customer specifications for operating under extreme conditions and/or requirements, including providing interconnect solutions for use in high-grade semiconductor clean rooms, high-speed data-centers, and in medical endoscopy and aesthetics. This deal will accelerate our long-term product segment and footprint diversification plans as well as greatly raise our exposure to high-end applications.

BizLink Chairman Roger Liang expressed the following: “We are excited to have the INBG team join our global family, and we look forward to better servicing our customers as we continue executing against our long-term strategies. INBG’s proven track record, global tier-1 customer base, solid product line-up, footprint, and strong technical and service capabilities will be added with ours, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve together. Our Industrial product segment will become a key growth lever to pull, and we expect to gradually realize our combined potential.”

BizLink expects to see sales, cost, and supply-chain related synergies as integration efforts progress:

Sales: up-sale and cross-sale opportunities spanning two unique global-brand tier-one customer bases and gradually further build out INBG’s market presence to solidify our joint position among our secular growth drivers;
Costs: raise our total purchasing power, combine together various functions and efforts as one, rationalize our physical footprint, and openly share our experiences and best practices to learn from each other and to grow together; and
Supply-Chain: utilize our execution expertise with INBG, strengthen business continuity across customer bases, achieve greater and more robust economies of scale, and provide more flexibility while reducing response time worldwide.

The six business units of INBG comprise of the following advanced and promising areas:

Silicone (19% of FY20 sales): develops high-temp silicone solutions, including for power and energy transmission and high-voltage e-mobility, and is the leader for medical aesthetics;
Tailor-Made Product (19% of FY20 sales): develops highly customized solutions such as for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, inter-car jumper systems, and endoscopy;
Telecommunication Solutions (10% of FY20 sales): makes active, high-speed 400G data-center cables, and interconnect assemblies for data-centers and telecomm infrastructure;
Healthcare (19% of FY20 sales): supplies millimeter anti-bacterial re-sterilizable cables and harnesses, multi-wire solutions for respirators, and solutions for imaging and dental;
Robotic Solutions (14% of FY20 sales): delivers dress-packs and function packs for industrial robots, and machine vision and tool calibration systems; and
• Automation & Drives (19% of FY20 sales): provides industrial communication cables, and motion control assemblies for drive/motor power.

INBG’s operation is strong and profitability is stable, and there are currently no plans to reorganize immediately completing the acquisition BizLink intends to continue to develop INBG’s businesses, improve the scale of their products, and to integrate our combined internal and external resources to achieve our growth goals together and to boost long-term stakeholder value.

About BizLink
We are a U.S.-headquartered and vertically integrated supplier of interconnect solutions. Our global manufacturing footprint stretches across 32 sites on three major continents allow for seamless integration into our customers' supply chains by serving the Industrial, IT DataComm, Automotive, and Electrical Appliance industries with new product introduction (NPI) and box build as well as system integration capabilities ready at selective sites. Please visit our website for more information about us, including our Corporate Sustainability section for our ESG track record.

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