December 11, 2017
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BizLink expanding production and customer foothold in Europe

BizLink Holding Inc. today successfully closed its acquisition of Leoni’s Electrical Appliance Assemblies business group. Through this transaction BizLink acquires an European organization with experience, expertise, and complementary geographic strengths.

Keeping in line with BizLink’s formula for success—providing interconnect solutions to industry leaders—this acquisition positions the company firmly as a first tier supplier to globally renowned and selective customers. In 2016, the acquired business group reported revenues of 137 million euros. Its operations span two continents, with production facilities in Slovakia, Serbia, and China, and administrative and sales centers in Germany and Belgium respectively.

Pursuing its goal of local production with an eye on globalization, BizLink will leverage this transaction to further expand into the European market. The BizLink Group’s long-term development strategy is to create value for both customers and shareholders by nurturing the stable growth of product lines and relationships. BizLink will continue to grow both organically and through the integration of external resources to achieve this goal.