June 09, 2020
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BizLink Announces the High-Power Connector 745 Series for Power Shelves

BizLink, a global leader in interconnect solutions, is proud to announce the availability of its High-Power Connector 745 Series for power shelves of servers in data centers. The high-power connectors withstand a high-power rating with high performance and low contact resistance. The 745 Series can be applied for 50A three-phase AC inputs, 300A DC busbar outputs, and more applications. In addition, the connectors complies with high reliability group tests to secure its operation quality, to allow easy customization, to offer better service, and to be suitable for field applications.

The 745-07A and 745-07B high-power connectors are designed for AC inputs of power shelves of servers in data centers with maximum 32A and 10AWG cables for standardized servers. There are seven contact pins for AC three-phase, five-wire star connection or four-wire delta connection. The connectors provide two options (central and side grounds) for users. The DC connection is also available for various industry applications. Furthermore, these high-power connectors are certified to meet the standards of UL1977 and EN61984 for safety protection. BizLink will launch its next generation of the high-power connectors with 50A and 8AWG cables soon.

The BzKlip High-Power Connector, designed for the DC output busbar of power shelves for servers in data centers, can be directly assembled and screwed onto the indicated busbar. It provides low contact resistance and high conductivity performance and can withstand maximum current of 300A as a great design for DC outputs of power shelves.  Contact Us

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