GHG Emissions

The Group Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal

  1. Reduce GHG emission density and emission amount 50% by 2030 (compared baseline year 2022).

  2. Achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.


To achieve this goal, the Group's Sustainable Development Committee has come up with the following short, medium, and long-term carbon reduction targets:


Annual Reduction %

Accumulative %









Our total GHG emissions in 2022 was 49,860metric tons of CO2e. According to the results of our inventory audits, GHG emissions were mainly generated from electricity in Scope 2 emissions, accounting for 95% of our total GHG emissions. Hence, the primary task in carbon reduction is to save electricity. Our carbon emission intensity was 0.93 metric tons per NT$1 million, a 17.0% decrease from 2021. 

Note 1 The statistical scope covers 33 production bases of the group: Kunshan Maolian Factory, Kunshan Xiangguang Factory, Changzhou Factory, Changzhou BCNC Factory, Shenzhen Tongying Factory, Xiangyao Factory, Kanglian Factory, Xiamen Xinshi Factory, Pepsi Lian Factory, Foshan Chengyue Factory, Singapore Kallang Factory, Malaysia Johor Factory, Malaysia Penang Factory, California Factory, Michigan Factory, Texas Factory, Mexico Factory, Canada Factory, Serbia Factory, Slovakia Factory, Germany Factory, France Factory, Czech Factory, Italian factory, etc.
Note 2 Direct greenhouse gas emissions (category 1 emissions): including fuel combustion of stationary equipment, process emissions, mobile combustion sources in transportation, and fugitive emission sources (such as fire-fighting facilities, refrigerant dissipation, septic tanks) wait). The total direct emissions are 2,613 metric tons of CO2e/year, accounting for about 5% of the total emissions.
Note 3 Energy indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 2 emissions): The main source of emissions is purchased electricity, and energy indirect emissions are 47,247 metric tons of CO2e/year, accounting for about 95% of the total emissions.