OCP Open Rack V3 Power Output Connector BzLisa S series


BzLisa S series connector is specially designed by BizLink power team for Open Compute Project (OCP). Combining cable assembly with power connectors, BzLisa S series achieves a standardized connection for the OCP power distribution architecture. The connector provides rated 12VDC to 48VDC and supports maximum 500A rated 360A Powershelf / BBU module and maximum 150A rated 100A IT Gear servers. BzLisa S series connector features low power consumption and allowable misalignment for quick busbar connection, fully compatible with the OCP Open Rack V3 specifications to realize corresponding applications.


  • Flexible installation on cable connectors and easy maintenance
  • Support 12VDC to 48VDC
  • Rated current 100A to 360A, maximum 150A to 500A
  • Low contact resistance and power consumption
  • Reduce busbars needed to achieve cost efficiency
  • IEC 61984 & UL 1977 (Under testing)
  • Allowable misalignment for quick connection
  • Low insertion force for flexible connection
  • Applications: OCP data centers and servers, power supply and power distribution, switches, routers, BBU (battery backup), and Open Rack storage