BzHPC G3 Power Whip AC Input Connector


The BzHPC G3 Power Whip AC Input Connector is specially designed for Open Rack V3 of Open Compute Project (OCP) as power shelf universal input connector and allows power shelves to be compatible with a wide range of input power types for assembling and cabling.


  • Finger touch proof
  • Support 600VDC/VAC rated voltage
  • Support max. 80A rated current and 50A at temperature rising 30°C
  • Cable size max. 8AWG
  • Polarization to prevent reverse mating
  • 7-pin design for 3-phase delta or star connection
  • Reversible connector for mating with different directions
  • Applications: OCP ORV3 power shelves, power supply or power distribution, and AC/DC power connection