EABU Program Manager


Company: Productos Excel de México, S. de R.L. DE C.V.

Location: North America - Mexico - Juarez


  • Reviews and manages the continuous production and delivery of the product to the customer    
  • Report to EABU and local management status of ongoing production
  • Develop plans and methods to achieve workforce involvement to increase productivity, enhance safety, quality improvements, and focus on the customer
  • Reviews and ensures quality goals, monitors process control, oversees production costs, and ensures that corrective action is taken to resolve customer complaints, delivery, cost and quality deviations,define inventory adjustments, deliver improved production rates and reduce scrap.
  • Checking and analyzing production forecast with workforce capacities to prevent backlogs or overcapacity, production assurance with material, tools, production devices
  • Business planning: In alignment with business goals and objectives, establish short and long term EA BU goals in Mexico; manage activities to meet goals, provide forecasts and operation plan inputs.
  • Plans, organizes and manages new project implementation, production ramp-up in order to meet customer and EABU requirements in quality, price and delivery
  • Acts for new projects as project manager towards Dyson and EABU
  • Create In advance raw material, production line, quality, planning and time schedule to match with (a) Dyson expectation,  milestone plan, ramp up plan, mass run plan (b) can match EABU expectation
  • Daily discussion with Dyson engineers, project, procurement, tooling teams, and also with Dyson Contract Manufacturer’s related departments for spec, drawings and toolings. 
  • Need to ensure all Dyson requirements at drawings & specification & toolings is passed to all related parties within Bizlink including TXM, EABU Central functions and ELP and Mexico
  • Ensures compliance with EABU drawing standards and drawing storage standards. Ensures drawing version management and that  all the drawings between Dyson and Bizlink are always having the same  revision version
  • Keeps track of the timeline closely to ensure that all related parties (Dyson Malaysia, Dyson Mexico, Flex Mexico ,TXM, ELP are followed up and will follow the timeline and their tasks. Immediate escalation management within Bizlink and within Dyson or Dyson’s contract manufacturer
  • First interface to Dyson or their CM in all cases of problems except price negotiation or contract issues. Project Manager will have to ensure immediate forwarding of this information within TXM, EABU Central and ELP / Mexico
  • Samples preparation base on Dyson request. Will ensure samples sent out will meet Dyson’s quality requirements and will arrive in Dyson or their CM on time. Has to coordinate Bizlink DPAP sampling and documentation submission for Dyson to provide Part Approval Report
  • Will host a weekly conference with Dyson Malaysia, Dyson Mexico, Flex Project manager to ensure: 
(a) Bizlink propose qualification timeline is on track.
(b) Co-ordinate all testing related issue with customer and internal (include TXM and ELP)
(c) Co-ordinate all quality related issue with customer and internal (include TXM and ELP)
(d) Co-ordinate toolings release issue.
  •  Does interact with existing EABU production sites for product design and process engineering, does collect information on necessary  machines specifications and ensures that equipment and tools are ordered in time
  • Does collect product design and BOM input from other EABU sites and Central functions
  • Does organize trips for the EABU Mexico team to learn and inspect existing equipment in China or Europe and get trained on this equipment; ensures transfer of products or machines and technologies  
  • Step by step contributes to new RFQs for production in Mexico by adding measured performance and cost data from existing Mexico production   
  • Proceeds other tasks according to superior´s order, exceptionally out of this description


  • Fluent English in speaking and writing, should have Spanish / Mexican mother language
  • Technical background (engineering or production)
  • Should like to work in a multinational context, should also have proven to achieve results in a multi-language environment, openness for international business travel and learning 
  • Several years of experience as a project or program manager either in industry that is used to quality based managed style (automotive, electrical appliances, machine building)  

Why join BizLink:

We are a public company with strong resources, but operate in a way where each individual counts and where you have a chance to personally make a mark on the positive development of the company.  You will interface with our global top management of the company and have an opportunity to be part of a team eager to succeed.  We are always looking for positive business relationships and win-win situations and have many decades-long supplier partnerships with global leaders in the various industries we participate in.  At BizLink, integrity is paramount.  You will be involved in a multitude of new and exciting business areas, as we eagerly search out opportunities in what is new and what is developing, such as electric vehicles, energy storage and renewable energy.  Your positive contributions will be rewarded.

BizLink offers competitive compensation and benefits, including a bonus plan linked to performance.

About BizLink:

We are a U.S.-headquartered and vertically integrated manufacturer of interconnect products (connectors, wire, cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, fiber optic devices, etc.) with manufacturing in China, Malaysia, Mexico and the U.S. We were founded in 1996, are a public company and serve customers in industrial, motor vehicle, medical device, IT, Consumer Electronics, Renewable Energy and other markets. Some of our key customers are Dell, HP, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Tesla, and Polaris.

Apply now! Send resume to: Patricia Gutierrez (patricia_gutierrez@bizlinktech.com)/ Elizabeth Guerrero (elizabeth_guerrero@bizlinktech.com)

Equal Opportunity Employer
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.