Power Busbar


BizLink specializes in the customized design and manufacturing of power busbars for various applications including power supply, power distribution unit, and server rack power architecture. Our expertise encompasses edge connections in PSUs, power bars for PCBAs, and busbars for Powershelf and BBUshelf connections, catering to high-performance computing needs such as AI, Machine Learning, and other next-generation applications.


  • Flexibility and variation in form factor design of power busbars.
  • Supports 33kW or higher power busbar design for Powershelf/BBUshelf in server racks.
  • Supports high-current copper bar design for PCBA interconnection in PSU/PDU.
  • Energy-efficient design capabilities for the data center and power industry.
  • Applications: OCP data center Powershelf, BBUshelf, IT gear servers, and other power equipment.