Rack Busbar


The Rack Busbar family is designed for data center server racks, compliant with Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications. It facilitates power delivery from Powershelf or PSU via standardized BizLink connections, specifically featuring the BzLisa S series connector tailored for OCP power distribution architectures. This supports various equipments such as BBUshelf, IT gear servers, storages and switches. With power ratings ranging from 48VDC to 54VDC and 300A to 1400A, it meets ORV3 and next-generation requirements like AI or machine learning. Fully compatible with OCP Open Rack specifications and applications.


  • Supports 48VDC to 54VDC for busbar interconnection.
  • Rated current: 300A, 600A, and 1200A; 1400A is under development.
  • Recommended height: 44OU to 48OU.
  • Designed to follow OCP ORV3 48VDC busbar geometry, ensuring interoperability with different ratings of busbar connectors.
  • Well-plated copper to ensure mating quality.
  • Applications: OCP data center server racks and customized design racks.