Wire Harness Manufacturing


BizLink's factory in Serbia provides high-quality wire harnesses for electrical, automotive, and industrial appliances.


  • Cable storage solutions: Supply devices which allow customers to store not needed cable length in the appliances such as cord winders or storage box systems
  • Integration of electrical and mechanical parts: Incorporate all kinds of electronics such as sensors, RFI filters or indicating elements (e.g. LED) into power cords or wire harnesses
  • Over molding of fixings and mountings for cable harnesses: Cable harnesses fitted with injection molded grommets, fixings and mounting brackets
  • Customer specific locking systems for connectors, plugs and power cords: Mechanical locking parts for cord sets for connecting the electrical appliance with the power cord. Detachable for quick exchange or non-detachable.
  • Connections to PCBs: Connection of wire harnesses or power cords with PCB and testing according customer specifications
  • Assembly of plastic parts, housings or fixtures to wire harnesses: Ready-to-install modules delivered to customer