October 08, 2018
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BizLink创新大电流USB Type-C连接器

BizLink, a global leader in interconnect solutions, is proud to announce its innovative High-Current USB Type-C Connector design. With the development of the High-Current USB Type-C Connector, customers' needs can be satisfied. This product supports data transfer speeds of over 20 Gbps with 9 amps and 180 watts.

In the market, 5 amps, 100 watts USB Type-C connectors made by other manufacturers can be readily found. Other companies are developing the 6 amps, 120 watts connectors, which are not yet released in the market. To satisfy our current customer requests and the demands of the market, BizLink developed a high current plug adapter to address quick charge and high-current defects that are inherent in currently available USB Type-C plug adapters. BizLink is the first company to develop a 9 amps, 180 watts plug adapter with a data transfer speed of over 20 Gbps, which allows for more operational efficiency, saving time and money. The innovation of the high-current and high-speed data transmission female USB Type-C connector has passed the patent and trademark certification in both China and the U.S.

The increased efficiency and time savings translate into business gains for industrial and office use, better connectivity for TVs, cell phones, and smart home applications, and better analytical and more efficient use for in-vehicle chargers, medical devices for home and clinical/hospital purposes, industrial testing instruments, and equipment that needs high power and high data transfer rates. The USB Type-C connector comes with a high-resistance grounding of the distribution transformer to repair any signal interference during high-speed data transfers. To ensure added efficiency, the original space for the power pin has been enhanced. BizLink has innovatively re-designed the power terminal pin to allow for higher current and thus higher data rate transfers. BizLink built this innovative connector with its in-house advanced manufacturing equipment and product specific tools for the precise welding processes that were required to manufacture the cutting-edge connector.

BizLink High-Current USB Type-C Connectors

About BizLink

BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Our mission is to make interconnection easier and to become the leading global interconnect solution supplier. We support industries that are environmentally conscious and improve quality of life through providing essential components, wire harnesses, and cables to a wide variety of industries such as IT and CE, Motor Vehicle, Electrical Appliances, Medical Equipment, Industrial, Pptical Fiber Communication, and Solar. Our fully vertically integrated business model includes manufacturing sites in the United States, Mexico, Slovakia, Serbia, China, and Malaysia. BizLink incorporates state-of-the-art facilities, advanced manufacturing processes, and professional research and development capabilities. Our global R&D and service teams in America, Europe, and Asia strive to keep collaborating closely with customers to turn their innovative designs into reality. For more information please refer to our website: https://www.bizlinktech.com/