High-Speed Interconnect


The High speed interconnect is developed for 25Gbps Automotive Ethernet (IEEE 802.3cy), which enables new Zonal E/E architecture needed by more than level-2+ automated vehicles. In addition, controllers in a Zonal E/E architecture need individual pcb plugs to form multiple-function heads, however, which lead to more PCB footprints and large controller heads. Our modularized connector, integrating power plugs, mini-FAKRA Plugs and Ethernet Plugs, provides a compact solution for reducing the size of controller heads.


  • Compliance with 25Gbps Automotive Ethernet (IEEE 802.3cy)
  • In-house SPP (Single parallel Pair) cable
  • Full 360º Shielding
  • Automotive graded differential connector according to LV214/USCAR