USB Type C to DP2.1 Cable


Simplify your setup using our USB Type C to DisplayPort 2.1 cable. Effortlessly link your USB Type-C device to a DisplayPort monitor, streamlining connections and minimizing mess. Enjoy 16K brilliance – our DP2.1 adapter cable delivers remarkable visuals up to 15360×4320 and UHBR20 capability for 80Gbps bandwidth. With backward compatibility, it's ideal for home, office, or any arrangement. Choose from DP80 (0.8m) and DP40 (2m) lengths for organized cable management. No additional software needed; simply plug and play.


  • VESA certified USB Type C to DP2.1 Cable
  • Feature high transmission capacities with the new data rates of UHBR10 (10 Gbps), UHBR13.5 (13.5 Gbps), and UHBR20 (20 Gbps)
  • Support a max. data throughput of up to 80 Gbps
  • Design with Enhanced mDP connector and Enhanced full-size DP connector
  • Support a wider bandwidth in video streaming for higher resolution, 10K (10240x4320@60Hz) without DSC and 16K (15360x4320@60Hz) with DSC
  • Support backward compatibility with existing DisplayPort devices