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BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd. Won a Bid for an Industrial Land in Haicang District of Xiamen, China

BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd., a subsidiary of BizLink Group specializing in manufacturing current-carrying wiring devices, announced that it has successfully won a bid for an industrial land in Haicang District of Xiamen, China. This land spanning approximately 3.12 hectares will be used to further expand its facilities to support the company's rapid growth. In addition to the expansion of factory buildings, BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd. plans to provide industrial linkages to set off a chain reaction of industrial development in Haicang District. The company will also extend its offerings to include products related to data center networking, power supply, energy storage, medical device, automated vehicle charging, industrial automation, and electrical appliances.

After the completion of land acquisition, BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd. will establish a research and experimental development center in South China, providing technical services to customers to deliver comprehensive solutions. The company will also build an automated production line and develop channels for high-end electronic products. With the vision to accelerate the cycles of product development and contribute to the economic growth of Haicang District, the enterprise is being socially responsible through their participation in various public welfare initiatives such as volunteering and epidemic donations.

The total construction area of the project will be between 62,380 and 93,560 square meters, BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd. is committed to maintaining an annual average land growth rate of at least 115 million yuan per hectare in Haicang District for five consecutive fiscal years starting from the next year of operation. This new plant will allow the company to offer a wider range of value-added services to its customers. From prototype development to mass production, BizLink Technology (Xiamen) Ltd is now able to support customers throughout the entire product development process.



About BizLink

BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Our mission is to make interconnection easier and to become a leading global interconnect solution supplier. We support environmentally-conscious industries and improve quality of life through providing essential components, wire harnesses, and cables to a wide variety of industries such as IT Infrastructure, Client Peripherals, Optical Fiber Communications, Telecom and Networking, Electrical Appliances, Healthcare, Factory Automation, Machinery and Sensors, Motor Vehicle, Rolling Stock, Marine, Industrial, and Solar. With flexible production resources and global R&D teams in America, Europe, and Asia, BizLink always provides reliable interconnect solutions in close proximity to markets. BizLink also specializes in offering one-stop EMS and NPI services based on customer's requests. At BizLink, we strive to keep collaborating closely with customers to turn their innovative ideas into reality.