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BizLink Ranked in Highest Top-5% in TWSE’s 2021 Corporate Governance Evaluation & Top-10% in Electronics Industry with a Market Value of TWD10 Billion

BizLink, a leading global interconnect solutions provider, is pleased to announce that the Taiwan Stock Exchange has ranked BizLink in the highest Top-5% in its 2021 Corporate Governance Evaluation, and in the Top-10% within the Electronics Industry with a market value of TWD10 billion or more. These two awards acknowledge BizLink’s long-term focus on Board governance and operation, safeguarding shareholders' interests, and implementations and achievements in sustainable development.

BizLink's pursuit to strengthen the Group's Corporate Governance includes setting up Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committees, tasking the Corporate Governance Executive with key responsibilities, forming external performance evaluation measures of the Board and functional committees, issuing third party assured corporate sustainability reports, and improving transparency information for investors. Meanwhile, BizLink has also introduced a Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) and our Corporate Governance System will be evaluated by an accredited 3rd party to our further bolster our practices.

BizLink Chairman, Roger Liang, expressed the following: "BizLink will continue its efforts to improve corporate governance, actively promote market integrity, strengthen the functions of the Board, enhance our operating performance, and continue to integrate ESG into our long-term operational strategy. Our global teams will further our pursuit of sustainable development and permeate it throughout all aspects of the business.” These efforts have led to BizLink being continuously recognized by international rankings, including being named to Newsweek's list of “America's Most Responsible Companies” for the past three years, AsiaMoney’s most “Outstanding Companies in the Taiwan Automobiles & Components Sector” for the past three years, and winning IR Magazine's 2021 “Greater China – Best in Sector: Technology” IR awards again.

The Corporate Governance Evaluation was launched and promoted by the TWSE and TPEX, and scoring is based on the following categories: “Protecting Shareholder Rights and Interests and Treating Shareholders Equitably”, “Enhancing Board Composition and Operation”, “Increasing Information Transparency”, and “Putting Corporate Social Responsibility into Practice”. A total of 913 TWSE-listed and 726 TPEX-listed companies were evaluated, and were then ranked in 7 categories of which the Top-5% companies are the highest-ranking for this evaluation.

In addition, the results are further broken down into their respective industries to help gauge their relative performance, including the Electronics Industry with a market value of TWD 10 billion or more. BizLink stood out from a total of 248 companies in the industry pool, receiving the highest evaluation score ranking.