Optical Passive Device Process Engineer


Company: OptiWorks ( Kunshan ) Co., Ltd.

Location: Greater China-Jiangsu-Kunshan


  • Responsible for the research and development of the manufacturing process of passive optical devices, including three-port devices, connectors, modules and other devices
  • Responsible for formulating the manufacturing process and technical specifications of passive optical devices and organising their implementation
  • Responsible for monitoring and managing the manufacturing process of passive optical devices to ensure that quality requirements and cost control objectives are met
  • Responsible for quality control and performance optimisation of passive optical devices to improve product quality and reliability
  • Responsible for the improvement and innovation of optical passive device manufacturing processes to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs
  • Responsible for communication and cooperation with related departments, including production, marketing, quality and other departments, to jointly promote the research and industrialisation process of passive optical devices


  • Possess a bachelor's degree or above in optical engineering,optical information technology,physics,or related fields,and hold an English Level 4 certificate
  • Possess experience in process development of passive optical devices and be familiar with the manufacturing processes and flows of passive optical devices such as fibre pigtails, jumpers, collimators, WDMs, etc.
  • Be proficient in mechanical drawing and optical design software such as AutoCAD and Zemax, and be able to independently complete product design and manufacturing
  • Have a good understanding of the use and maintenance of various production equipment and testing instruments, and be able to adjust and modify equipment according to production needs
  • Familiar with production site management, able to effectively monitor and manage the production process to ensure production quality and efficiency
  • Have good team spirit and communication skills, able to effectively cooperate and communicate with related departments
  • Have strong learning ability and innovation awareness, able to continuously improve and innovate production processes to enhance production efficiency and product quality

Why join BizLink:

We are a public company with strong resources, but operate in a way where each individual counts and where you have a chance to personally make a mark on the positive development of the company.  You will interface with our global top management of the company and have an opportunity to be part of a team eager to succeed.  We are always looking for positive business relationships and win-win situations and have many decades-long supplier partnerships with global leaders in the various industries we participate in.  At BizLink, integrity is paramount.  You will be involved in a multitude of new and exciting business areas, as we eagerly search out opportunities in what is new and what is developing, such as electric vehicles, energy storage and renewable energy.  Your positive contributions will be rewarded.

BizLink offers competitive compensation and benefits, including a bonus plan linked to performance.

About BizLink:

We are a U.S.-headquartered and vertically integrated manufacturer of interconnect products (connectors, wire, cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, fiber optic devices, etc.) with manufacturing in China, Malaysia, Mexico and the U.S. We were founded in 1996, are a public company and serve customers in industrial, motor vehicle, medical device, IT, Consumer Electronics, Renewable Energy and other markets. Some of our key customers are Dell, HP, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Tesla, and Polaris.

Apply now! Send resume to: Shaoxue Zheng (shaoxue_zheng@optiworks.com)

Equal Opportunity Employer
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.