Harmonized Wires & Cables


Halogen free thermoplastic insulated cables with up to 70°C heat resistance

This is a representative cable. By processing our cables in-house, we ensure high quality standards in our end products.

Cable structure:
Class 5 flexible stranded conductor with electrolytic bare copper, conforming to IEC 60228 standard
insulation, halogen-free thermoplastic material TI6 type, complying with EN 50363-7
Outer sheath, halogen-free thermoplastic material type TM7 complying with EN 50363-8 standard


  • Standard, EN 50525-3-11
  • Code designation H03Z1Z1-F, H05Z1Z1-F
  • VDE certificate
  • Rated voltage, 300/500 V
  • These cables are suitable for all applications that udergo mechanical stress, such as wiring of washing-machines, spin dryers, fridges, and refrigerators.
  • These cables are aslo permitted for cooking and heating appliances without risk of contact withhot parts.