S416 Junction Box


SunBolts new TUV 1500V/UL 1500V S416 is specially designed for next generation module with high efficiency cell. The structure provides maximum efficiency for heat dissipation, S416 can withstand maximum 14A or 15A module ISC. And, the position of cable output is in the left side and right side of junction box, which can reduce the cable length required to reduce the cost and for neat design of module string interconnection.

The presence of S416 stands for Sunbolts’ profession and workmanship in PV junction box design and manufacture.

Sunbolts has a complete series of junction box for both crystalline and thinfilm module. All our junction boxes are designed to fit the module production process to save the labor hour and material cost. Sunbolts junction boxes are certified by TUV and UL for 1000V~1500V application and long time outdoor use.