BzLisa Cable Assembly Busbar Connector


The BzLisa connector series, specially designed for Open Compute Project (OCP), combines with cable assembly and power connectors and is a standardized connection for the OCP distribution architecture. It provides 12VDC to 48VDC and 150A to 200A power ratings to support the new-generation data centers and servers. The BzLisa connector series features low power consumption and allowable misalignment for quick connection between busbars and the BzLisa connectors, which is fully compatible with the OCP Open Rack specifications and applications.


  • Flexible installation on cable connectors and easy maintenance
  • Support 12VDC to 48VDC of busbars
  • Rated current 150A to 200A
  • Low contact resistance and low power consumption
  • Reduce usage of busbars and more cost efficiency
  • IEC 61984 & UL 1977 certified
  • Allowable misalignment for quick connection
  • Low insertion force for flexible connection
  • Applications: OCP data centers and servers, power supply and power distribution, switches, routers, BBU (battery back up), and Open Rack storage