HDMI to VGA Adapter


As smartphone and tablet integrates into the home entertainment system, HDMI becomes part of their common languages. BizLink has developed new HDMI products in support of this unification, and they include our micro-HDMI dongle and cable series, as well as our active HDMI cables with 25 meter reach.
Also in the highlight is our one-of-the-kind HDMI-VGA dongle, which is the perfect tool for connecting your tablet to a projector for a presentation. Please contact us to learn more about our HDMI product line.


  • Protocol converting adapter with single link HDMI 1.3 receiver
  • 180 MHz pixel clock
  • Support up to 1080P, or 1920×1200 at reduced blanking
  • Automatic sink detection
  • Available now
  • Applications: Laptop to projector/ Camcorder to projector/ Laptop to VGA monitor