USB-C to DP 1.4 MST Hub


This USB-C hub provides one USB-C input, three USB-C video displays with DP1.4 Alt Mode, DP 1.4, and HDMI2.0. It supports Multi-Stream Transport (MST) for distributing a single DP signal across multiple monitors and DSC 1.2 (Display Stream Compression 1.2) for creating higher resolution displays. With an external USB-C power adapter, this hub can charge laptops up to 60W.


  • Input port: USB-C DP1.4 Alt mode, with PD charging up to 60W
  • Power Input: (a) USB-C bus powered from TBT3 port of 15W ; (b) USB-C Power Adapter of PD Protocol
  • Three Video outputs: USB-C with DP1.4 Alt Mode, DP1.4, HDMI2.0
  • Single display supports up to 8K@30Hz or 8K@60Hz with DSC 1.2
  • Dual displays support up to 4K@60Hz or 8K@30Hz with DSC 1.2
  • Triple displays support up to 4K@30Hz or 8K@30Hz with DSC 1.2
  • Support HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.3
  • Support High Dynamic Range (HDR-10)
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