USB Type-C Connectors


At BizLink, our talented R&D scientists and manufacturing teams have worked hard so that we stay ahead of the competition, upgrading the necessary infrastructure and technological know-how to produce USB-C products, the next generation of interconnection.

We are pleased to bring to market a series of USB-C connectors—both male and female—optimized for high-end product applications.


  • USB power delivery up to 100W
  • Option to Seam with E-marker
  • Option to Deep Draw with E-marker
  • Terminal with 30u" & 15u" Gold Plating Options
  • Secondary Forming Shell to Enhance Connector Robustness
  • Hybrid Right Angle, DIP+SMT Board Attachments
  • Complete EMI Shielding Enclosure Design
  • Complies with USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) and Gen 2 (10Gbps) Requirements
  • Current Rating of 5A (suitable for power delivery)
  • Vertical Wrenching Tests- 0.85Nm Pass
  • Horizontal Wrenching Tests- 1.35Nm Pass
  • Mating Force Range of 5N to 20N
  • Un-mating Force Range of 6N to 20N
  • Durability Test- 10,000 Cycles with no Damage
BizLink offers a variety of interconnection products and solutions for desktops and laptops, such as USB-C cables, docking stations, adapters, connectors, etc. All of our products and solutions can be customized to your specifications by our talented R&D teams. Our diverse and high-quality product portfolios have earned us long term partnerships with leaders in many industries, and we are committed to devoting our time-tested expertise and innovation to you and your business.