October 12, 2022
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BizLink Showcases Its Advanced Interconnect Solutions at OCP 2022

The Open Compute Project (OCP), the world’s most innovative organization, holds its annual global summit this year in October from 18 to 20. The global summit has become the largest gathering of technologies, with the theme of 2022 Empowering Open, it brings you the opportunity to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of open collaboration with both software and hardware. This year BizLink is excited to showcase our Immersion Cooling and External Cable Solutions, PCIe6 OCP Interconnection, and ORV3 Rack and Power Solutions in Booth B14. 


BizLink’s high-speed cable technology provides you the opportunity to explore the infinite of future data center development. Our latest 800G DAC and Loopback provide the high-speed 112Gbps/Lane transmission, and our power busbar connectors are compatible with 3M electronic liquids for immersion cooling applications. At the same time, we have our patent-designed high-density chassis and cassette being the highest density in the current market with a standard 1RU chassis having 432 ports of SN connector ports. As an industry leader, BizLink dedicates itself to developing the most advanced solutions to a more sustainable and reliable computing infrastructure where open collaboration makes everything happen. 


With the explosive development of high-speed applications including Artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, machine learning, virtual reality, Augment reality, and cloud computing, BizLink has been developing innovative PCIe 6 interconnect solutions and is thrilled to share our latest products with you. Meanwhile, our ORV3 rack and power solutions provide you with universal AC power whips and connectors for grid and server connection, and power busbar connectors for Powershelf, BBU, and IT gear. As always, BizLink commits itself to keep pace with the technology development and provide solid support to our customers.

About BizLink
BizLink, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Our mission is to make interconnection easier and to become the leading global interconnect solution supplier. We support industries that are environmentally conscious and improve quality of life through providing essential components, wire harnesses, and cables to a wide variety of industries such as IT Infrastructure, Client Peripherals, Optical Fiber Communications, Telecom and Networking, Electrical Appliances, Healthcare, Factory Automation, Machinery and Sensors, Motor Vehicle, Rolling Stock, Marine, Industrial, and Solar. In addition, with flexible production resources and global R&D teams in America, Europe, and Asia, BizLink always provides reliable interconnect solutions in close proximity to markets. BizLink also specializes in providing one-stop EMS and NPI services based on customer's requests. At BizLink, we strive to keep collaborating closely with customers to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Visit www.bizlinktech.com.