February 25, 2022
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BizLink Partners with ITRI for Covid Quick Test Kit for Global Markets

BizLink, the leading global interconnect solutions provider, announced the completion of the development of and start of mass production for a “Covid-19 All-in-one Quick Test Kit” with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (“ITRI”) on February 23, 2022. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare has granted a manufacturing license to BizLink for this quick test kit, and it is readily available to supply to the Japanese market.

BizLink signed a technology license agreement with the ITRI to develop this “Covid-19 All-in-one Quick Test Kit”, which is extremely light and easy to carry around as it weighs only 600g. The design of this kit is different from that of the traditional PCR testing kit, which uses large blocks of heating module, as it uses innovative mechanisms and temperature control systems that allows the test results to be obtained within 1 hour and with an accuracy of as high as 95.8% while the traditional PCR test kit takes almost 4 hours to deliver the same result. This test kit was submitted to blind quality assurance tests in more than 400 laboratories in 60 countries around the world, and the test results of 8 samples were all correct and the accuracy was comparable to that of existing international test kit manufacturers. BizLink is certain this test kit’s precision, sensitivity, lightness, and efficiency will meet global epidemic prevention and testing needs.

Felix Deng, Chief Executive Officer of BizLink Group, expressed that: “People are increasingly looking for a test kit that is light, has high accuracy, and delivers quick results as the number of confirmed Covid cases around the world has risen beyond 400 million. The successful development of this “Covid-19 All-in-one Quick Test Kit” would not be possible without the generous support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the Emergency Epidemic Prevention Research and Development Program, and the technology transfer of the prototype from the ITRI. BizLink’s medical equipment product research team worked with our partners in solving the issue of an overly long cooling period, and optimized the design to overcome this last challenge during the development stage prior to the starting of mass production.”

The technology transfer for molecular detection has also broadened BizLink's medical products to now include smaller medical testing equipment aside from the suppling of cables to MRI and CT scanner machines. This collaboration has enabled BizLink to enter into supplying solutions for precision epidemic prevention products.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has supported the R&D of epidemic prevention technology with the “Emergency Epidemic Prevention Research and Development Program” since 2020. The development of this ”Covid-19 All-in-one Quick Test Kit” is part of this program, and the excellent test results obtained prompted a clinical trial with Japan Biotechno Pharma (“JBP”). This trial was completed in June 2021, and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare subsequently awarded a manufacturing license. The successful entry into the Japanese market will allow Taiwan’s medical technology to expand into more high-end market applications, and to be part of the global epidemic prevention effort.