Enhanced mDP/Full-Size DP Cables


BizLink's DP80 Enhanced mDP cable is the world's first VESA® certified DP80 cable. The new mDP cable features high transmission capacities with the new data rates of UHBR10 (10 Gbps), UHBR13.5 (13.5 Gbps), and UHBR20 (20 Gbps). The cable has a maximum data throughput of up to 80 Gbps, which is designed for the connections of the most advanced visual display applications and systems. It supports a wider bandwidth in video streaming for higher resolution and quality of videos and is backward compatible with existing DisplayPort devices. As a premier supplier of high-speed interconnect solutions for client peripherals, BizLink also offers leading-edge DP80 Enhanced mDP connectors, Enhanced full-size DP cables and connectors, and other latest DP connectivity applications.