IR Calendar

2022/10/17BizLink's 3Q 2022 results will be announced on Thursday, November 10, 2022, after the market close. The quiet period will be from October 31 to November 10.
2022/07/12BizLink's 2Q 2022 results will be announced on Friday, August 26, 2022, after the market close. The quiet period will be from August 15 to August 26.
2020/12/02Capital ConferenceLe Meridien TaipeiDownload
2020/11/20Concord ConferenceTaipei Regent HotelDownload
2020/11/18Uni-President ConferenceGrand Hyatt TaipeiDownload
2020/11/16Haitong Investor MeetingsOnlineDownload
2020/10/14MasterLink ConferenceTaipei New HorizonDownload
2020/09/18KGI ConferenceTaipei Convention CenterDownload
2020/08/25-08/28TWSE-GS ConferenceOnlineDownload
2020/08/21Citi ConferenceOnlineDownload
2020/08/17-08/20Haitong Investor MeetingsOnlineDownload
2020/06/11-06/12TWSE-MasterLink ConferenceOnlineDownload
2020/06/09TWSE-SinoPac ConferenceOnlineDownload
2020/05/25-05/29Citi ConferenceOnlineDownload
2020/04/21-04/22BofA ConferenceOnlineDownload
2020/04/15CLSA ConferenceOnlineDownload


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