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BizLink Holding Inc. Brings Home Best in Tech Award from IR Magazine – Greater China 2021 Forum and Awards Event

Leading global interconnect solutions provider, BizLink Holding Inc., is honored to win the “Best in Sector: Technology” Investor Relations award at the IR Magazine – Greater China 2021 forum and awards virtual event held on December 9, 2021. BizLink’s IR team sincerely thanks all of the gracious long-term support given from investors and from analysts.

BizLink Chairman, Roger Liang, happily expressed the following: “BizLink’s stakeholders are vital to us, and our IR team continues to shine in their tireless efforts to keep the capital markets updated on BizLink so that we can build and sustain confidence and credibility in our ability to overcome various near-term obstacles while still executing against our long-term goals to fulfill our purpose and mission. BizLink IR is instrumental in sharing the achievements of our sustainability milestones and the further growth of our green revenues. This award recognizes their efforts.”

BizLink’s IR team gradually improved investor and analyst presentations based on the feedback received to greatly simplify our investment story and to better highlight key long-term themes as the year progressed to offer more readily accessible information. BizLink’s IR team also continued to proactively reach out in order to offer a timely and transparent view into BizLink’s business status and its outlook during a time when investors and analysts needed extra perspective into the various industries and countries that BizLink operates in.

UK-based IR Magazine selects the best IR each year for all major regions based on excelling in their communications and sustainability efforts. Awards are split into two categories with nominees either self-nominated or determined by the input from investors and analysts, whom select those that have provided the best IR service in the past year. IR Magazine handed out 29 awards for the Greater China region this year. 2021 marks another hallmark year for BizLink’s IR team after winning its first two awards from IR Magazine in 2019. The full details of this event can be found at: https://events.irmagazine.com/greaterchina/wp-content/uploads/sites/21/2021/11/GRC21-Winners-and-nominees.pdf