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BizLink Holding Inc. In der Corporate Governance Bewertung 2019 durch die Taiwan Stock Exchange zu den Top 5% gezählt

Leading global interconnect solutions provider, BizLink Holding Inc., is pleased to announce that the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) has ranked BizLink in the highest Top-5% in its 2019 Corporate Governance Evaluation. This acknowledges BizLink's outstanding efforts in enhancing board composition and operation, boosting transparency, and putting corporate social responsibility into practice.

BizLink's tireless pursuit to strengthen the Group's Corporate Governance include setting up Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committees, tasking the Corporate Governance Executive with key responsibilities, forming Board and functional committee performance evaluation measures, developing integrity management operating procedures and behavior guidelines, and issuing third party assured corporate sustainability reports. These efforts have led to BizLink being included in the TWSE's annual Corporate Governance 100 Index for the past 3 years, being named to Newsweek's 2020 list of “America's Most Responsible  Companies”, and winning IR Magazine's 2019 “Greater China – Best in Sector: Technology” and “Best in Region: Taiwan” awards. BizLink is among the 13 companies ranked in the Top-5% for the first time this year.

BizLink Chairman, Roger Liang, expressed the following: "I am very pleased that our continued efforts towards improving our Corporate Governance standing has been recognized by this prestigious ranking, and it is our honor to be ranked with other high-performing and well-respected names in the Top-5% category. The BizLink team will keep its high integrity standards, watch over stakeholders' interests, and continue to enhance our ESG performance in all aspects of the business in our never-ending pursuit of sustainable development."

The TWSE ranked 901 TWSE- and 699 TPEx-list companies in their 6th annual evaluation. Companies are ranked in 7 categories: Top-5%, 6% to 20%, 21% to 35%, 36% to 50%, 51% to 65%, 66% to 80%, and 81% to 100%. The results for the TWSE- and TPEx-listed companies are announced separately. The results are also further broken down into their respective industries to help gauge relative peer performance, including the financial industry and the electronics industry with a market value of TWD 10 billion or more, and non-finance and non-electronics industry with a market value of TWD 10 billion or more. BizLink is also ranked in the highest Top-10% in the electronics industry with a market value of TWD 10 billion or more.

Herausgabe von BizLink Holding Inc. (TWSE Code: 3665)