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DesignCon 2023


Come and visit BizLink at DesignCon 2023

DesignCon is the premier high-speed communications and system design conference and exposition, offering industry-critical engineering education in the heart of electronic innovation – Silicon Valley. In 2023, BizLink is thrilled to present its enhanced data center connectivity solutions at the show, taking place from February 1 to February 2 at Santa Clara’s Convention Center in California, USA. Visit our team at booth #1249 to learn more about our solutions for external and internal cabling, as well as power and immersion cooling solutions.
BizLink commits itself to sustainability while providing high-quality and more efficient products for customers. Our product highlights exposed at booth #1249 meet the recent data center trends towards computing efficiency and stability, data transfer speed, and thermal management:
Active 100G per Lane External Cable Solutions
Our latest 800G active and passive external copper interconnects provide reliable high-speed 112 Gbps/Lane transmission meanwhile significantly reducing the cable outer diameters with ParaLink low dielectric, low loss bulk cables. Our latest active 100G per lane solution over copper will be demonstrated live at booth #1249. Our active optical cables and loopbacks will be on display with samples.

Internal Cable Solutions
With our SFF-TA-1026 NearStack internal interconnect product range to be exposed at the show, we are able to support up to PCIe Gen6 with a 1 m possible reach distance of passive cables maintaining pad-to-pad loss budget of ~32dB at 16 GHz for 64 GT/s PAM4 data rate. Meet our experts at booth #1249 to find out more about our PCIe 5/6 internal cables (NearStack, GenZ, and MCIO Series), as well as our total SFF-TA-1026 NearStack and our internal interconnect solutions for riser cable applications.

OCP ORV3 Rack and Power Solutions
Our ORV3 rack and power solutions provide you with universal AC power whips and connectors for grid and server connection. BizLink’s ORV3 external power cables and connectors include AC power and DC busbar power solutions for Powershelf, BBU, and IT Gear. Find out more about our solutions and customization design services at booth #1249.
Immersion Cooling Solutions
Due to all components submerged in non-conductive liquid with more efficient and higher density thermal management systems, BizLink has developed its power busbar connectors, 100G QSFP28 optical immersion cooling pigtails and high power connector BzLiza 150s compatible with 3M immersion cooling fluid. We have set up high standards of material selection and reliability tests with our immersion cooling systems, which can be illustrated with samples on DesignCon booth #1249 display.
BizLink, a leading global interconnect solutions provider, is your trustworthy partner in customization and manufacturing. We make data center connectivity more flexible, stable, and efficient. Our global R&D and service teams in America, Europe, and Asia are always ready to collaborate closely with you to turn your innovative designs into reality. Our team is looking forward to meeting you at DesignCon 2023!

Datum February 01 - 02, 2023
Ort Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, USA
Stand Nr. 1249
Kontakt Sales Representative